How to use the Directory

The Illinois Community Supportive Services and Referrals Directory contains information about housing, case management, medical care, substance abuse treatment, counseling, and supportive services in Illinois. The directory is organized by geographical region. The state is broken down into three areas: Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois. Those areas are further broken down by city and county area. To find services in your area, simply turn to the city or county area closest to you. Agencies providing services in the region are listed alphabetically. Each listing contains the most up to date information about the agency, including contact information and the services the agency provides. Services are also indicated by symbols.

Symbol guide

Symbol Meaning

Food & Clothing assistance


Counselling, Mental Health services & Support Groups


Case Management, Referrals & Support Services

Education & Employment services

Frequently Asked Questions

TRS offer programs for health and wellness, social and economic recovery, and advocacy. See directory.

  • housing
  • counseling
  • medical care
  • mental health services and support groups
  • food and clothing assistance
  • education and employment services
  • case management, referrals and support services

Yes, see directory.

The processing of paperwork in the office (and health screening, if necessary) can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes depending on the documents on-hand.

This directory is a comprehensive resource guide that provides information on services provided by TRS and its affiliates.

Yes, see directory.

TRS assists with the acquisition of I.D’s, birth certificates, and Social Security cards, and handle case management to qualifying individuals. TRS also make referrals to outside agencies that offer additional services to our clients.

Once the request for a transcript is made it is reasonable to lend 3-5 business days to receive a copy of the document. The time frame is subjected to the delivery method of the responding party (e.i. E-mail, fax, U.S. postal service, etc.).

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TRS is here to support the needs of individuals who are often at their lowest point in their lives struggling to regain a sense of self-worth. Contact US if you are interested in being an agent of change and supporting men and women to become empowered.