About the Directory

The goal of the Illinois Community Supportive Services and Referrals Directory is to provide each person discharged from a Illinois correctional facilities with information that will assist them in making a successful transition on the “out-side.” This guide includes information about health care facilities; case management; housing; counseling; food assistance; and other social services throughout the State of Illinois. This guide was developed by Men & Women In Prison Ministries with generous funding from the Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago.

Dedication to Minister Michael D. Smith

I Hope Malcolm and Nate Turner

Meet you at the gates

And say, Welcome

Take your seat among-st the greats

That battled for the fate of our people

I live as your sequel

To bring light to dark spaces

Speak for the faceless

Tell them your journey so they have hope to make it

I rejoice in your life

So your death I embraced it as you’re going home”

In the Memory of my father, Michael D. Smith

by Richard Wallace

About TRS

Transforming Reentry Services represents an evolution in the work of Rev Doris Green, who was one of the founding members of Women in Prison Ministries, which was renamed Men & Women In Prison Ministries, in recognition of the devastating impact prisons and jails had in the lives of men and women and the need for a collective response.

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As returning citizens continue their journey to wholeness they are confronted with social and economic challenges; getting an identification card, finding housing, securing food, and preparing to return to the workforce. The Social Economic Department bridges returning citizens to the necessary community resources to promote successful reintegration. MWIPM assist returning citizens to prepare for and obtain a GED.

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